Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen – Ketsubetsu-tan Episode 2

Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen – Ketsubetsu-tan Episode 2

Title:Peace from Shadows


The stern orders for complete annihilation have been taken to heart by the sternritters, leading to a sequence of events where they target the residents of the shadows, following Yhwach’s command. Coincidentally, these attacks occur just before each squad captain. Amidst these events, the spotlight shines on the clash between Bazz B and Toshirou.

Toshirou, who had previously lost his bankai, might seem at a significant disadvantage against one of the prominent sternritters, Bazz B. However, underestimating the power and teamwork that can arise from having someone as capable as Matsumoto by his side would be a mistake. The cooperation between them proves valuable. Another noteworthy pair, Nanao and Kyoraku, may not have posed an extreme challenge to Haschwalth, but their efforts are commendable.

The quick manner in which Bazz B holds his ground against Toshirou, even after taking a powerful attack, is impressive. The ongoing fight holds promise, yet there’s more to come. The entrance of Soi Fon against BG9 adds an element of epicness, reminiscent of the excitement from the first trailer. Regrettably, due to the series’ start, the scene is cut slightly short.

While Bazz B’s dominance over Toshirou is unfortunate news, the cliffhanger of Urahara contacting Mayuri at the eleventh hour to inform him of a devised method to restore bankai offers a glimmer of hope. With Ichigo also making his entrance, the situation is poised for a dynamic turn.

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