Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen – Ketsubetsu-tan Episode 7

Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen – Ketsubetsu-tan Episode 7

Title:I Am The Edge

Synopsis / Review:

Picking up from the suspenseful ending of the last episode—more accurately, right after the minor opponents were swiftly dealt with—it didn’t take long for the central antagonist of this episode to arrive on the scene. Enter Gremmy, the actual sternritter ‘V’. Yachiru had her share of fun and games, but Gremmy’s overwhelmingly potent abilities immediately halted that with a resounding FULL STOP.

Gremmy’s power to bring his imagination to life did score a hit against Yachiru, but it proved futile against the unstoppable force that is Zaraki Kenpachi. Kenpachi’s entrance alone was pure hype, and when he dropped the bombshell of putting Unohana to rest, the atmosphere was charged. But when they engaged in the real showdown, it was a whole new level of intensity.

Studio Pierrot went all out, matched only by the stellar performances of Kenpachi and Gremmy’s voice actors. Those initial swipes that sliced through insignificant objects were just a prelude to what followed—the iconic panel of “SLASHING THROUGH THE METEORITE” was brought to life flawlessly. Gremmy’s struggle against Kenpachi’s overwhelming prowess was palpable; Kenpachi made light of Gremmy’s otherworldly powers with an air of nonchalance. And thus, Gremmy’s tale concludes.

The previous episode was a highlight of this cour, but astonishingly, it took only a week for another episode to surpass it. This was the pinnacle of Kenpachi’s might, the pinnacle of Bleach. A perfect 5/5.

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