Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen – Ketsubetsu-tan Episode 8

Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen – Ketsubetsu-tan Episode 8

Title:The Headless Star

Synopsis / Review:

Following his awe-inspiring feats in the previous episode – even the formidable Kenpachi needs a breather before diving back into the familiar rhythm of combat, right? Yet, given the nature of this cour, that hope was swiftly dispelled when the group of adversaries returned and set their sights on Kenpachi. However, a pivotal moment unfolded…

…and then entered Ichigo, radiating charisma like no other. His long-awaited return from the soul palace, accompanied by “Number One” in the background (though the original version might have been more fitting), ignited the kind of excitement that had been building up. He arrived, spoke confidently, and proceeded to back up every word he uttered.

The group of adversaries, determined to replicate their success against Kenpachi, launched their most relentless efforts against Ichigo. Their attempt, however, spectacularly failed. The ensuing battle was visually captivating, showcasing Ichigo’s inaugural use of his “GETSUGA JUUJISHOU.” However, as expected of villains, the rest of the sternritters swiftly intervened, overwhelming Ichigo. The timely entry of Renji and his comrades provided a shift in momentum, enabling Ichigo to move on to his main objective.

Speaking of the main objective, Yhwach and his cohorts were already en route to the Soul Palace, as revealed in this episode’s conclusion. Despite Ichigo’s earnest efforts to stop Uryu, the march continued. Orihime and Chad also finally took the spotlight.

Given Ichigo’s determination, it’s no surprise that someone voiced by Sasuke’s voice actor would persist in his pursuit, despite all odds. Your plea for understanding is duly noted, Ichigo. Also, a fleeting one-second cameo from the legendary Aizen did not go unnoticed and was much appreciated.

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