Helck Episode 1

Helck Episode 1


  Yuusha Helck

  Helck the Hero



In a distant realm, the Demon Lord’s defeat by a lone hero sparks elation among humanity, while the Demon Realm grapples with the task of anointing a new leader to fill the void. In the throes of this process, Vermilio of the Red, the tournament’s manager, steps in as a replacement for Azudra. Alongside her is sub-manager Hon, engaged in assessing the potential candidates. Amidst the selection, they come across a peculiar contender named Helck—a human hero with an intense aversion to his own kind.

Vermilio’s frustration ignites, even though rules like the Deep Green Contract had been established prior. However, Helck’s swift ascent through the preliminaries to potentially claim the mantle of the next Demon Lord raises her eyebrows. Despite being pegged as the frontrunner with a staggering level of 99 and establishing camaraderie with the demons, something doesn’t sit well with her. The intrusion of a human hero into the ranks triggers alarm, leading Hon to devise a plan involving a card game with Vampirio, aimed at tempering Vermilio’s ire.

Meanwhile, as Vermilio’s informant, Asta, gathers information about Helck, her twin Ista receives the intel through a coffee-filled conversation. The upcoming trial for the title of the next Demon Lord involves assembling a deck of literate poker cards—a test of both skill and patience. In a display of remarkable courage, Helck astonishes everyone by delving into an intense state of concentration. Despite cries of cheating from the other candidates, Kenros the Godspeed makes a compelling argument likening the challenge to guarding the Demon Lord’s Castle.

As tensions escalate, Helck continues his overwhelming dominance, excelling not only in cards but also in culinary pursuits, much to the delight of the demon realm. Amidst this fervor, Vermilio’s anger spirals beyond containment. Simultaneously, Asta and Ista’s cryptic report reveals that Helck, in addition to being a notorious criminal with a sizable bounty on his head for fratricide, shares familial ties with the legendary Hero Cress, who previously vanquished Demon Lord Thor.

The tale takes an intriguing twist with the revelation that the past included more than one hero. Amid the puzzling nature of Asta and Ista’s report, further accounts emerge of another demon kingdom’s downfall. Questions loom large: Is Helck being employed as a diversion while other heroes continue to vanquish demon realms? What prompts Helck’s involvement in an event exclusive to demons? The intrigue deepens as the story unfolds.

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