Helck Episode 5

Helck Episode 5


  Kotou no Mura

  The Remote Island Village



Azudra’s reaction to Vermilio’s disappearance is quite evident, isn’t it?

As Vermilio finds solace in the embrace of nature, we witness Helck’s remarkable accomplishments—building a home, forming a companionship, and even engaging with a fascinating sea creature. His achievements seem boundless. Fearlessly immersing himself in the ocean, he befriends a creature reminiscent of a sea horse, and with remarkable ease, he takes down trees barehanded—a display of true prowess.

The island they inhabit is teeming with an array of whimsical beings. The adorable little bird’s antics are endearing, while the pig-man exudes a delightful playfulness. However, the aged figure bearing resemblance to The Dark Wanderer from Diablo emanates an unsettling aura, leaving us eager to uncover the revelations he might unveil in the upcoming week.

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