Helck Episode 6

Helck Episode 6






As most of us speculated, the older gentleman we saw at the end of episode 5 indeed turned out to be a benevolent character, extending supplies to Helck and Vamirio.

It’s quite refreshing to have an episode with a more somber tone. Beneath Helck’s cheerful façade, he grapples with considerable stress and sorrow. The burden of knowing that his close ones have been transformed into mindless warriors, wreaking havoc, is truly distressing. His tendency to use humor as a coping mechanism becomes more understandable in this light.

Vamirio is gradually embracing the notion that Helck’s intentions are sincere in putting a halt to the human threat, not solely for the sake of demons, but for the world at large.

The twist where the human king appears to embody more demonic qualities than actual demonkin is an amusing contrast. It would be quite the twist if he turned out to be one in disguise.

Azudra’s unexpected transformation into a more solemn demeanor intrigues me. The anticipation for the next week is real. And honestly, I initially thought his mask was concealing wounds—so his badass entrance was a delightful surprise.

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