Helck, ヘルク
  • Japanese Name: ヘルク
  • English Name: Helck
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • First Aired on: Jul 12, 2023
  • Producers: Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions, Nippon Television Network, Shogakukan, BS NTV, Mixer, NetEase, Miki Production
  • Studios: Satelight

Synopsis: Helck

As the world celebrates the triumphant downfall of the Demon King at the hands of a solitary hero, the inhabitants of the demon realm gear up for an unprecedented showdown—a tournament destined to crown the next Demon King.

Fast forward three months, and the tournament is well underway, albeit with an unexpected twist—the frontrunner for the title is none other than the human hero, Helck! With a carefree grin and a casual wave, he effortlessly outshines his demonic competitors, all while openly voicing his animosity towards humans. Yet, behind this seemingly jovial exterior lies an enigmatic enigma, shrouded in mystery.

Amid skepticism surrounding Helck’s true motives, Red Vamirio, one of the esteemed “Four Heavenly Kings” tasked with overseeing the demon realm, embarks on a mission to unveil the hero’s genuine intentions. As the contest for the coveted “Demon King” mantle intensifies, the very fate of the demon world hangs on Red Vamirio’s determined shoulders.


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